Why is The Body and Belief Code technique so effective?

Emotional baggage is very real and can seriously interfere with a person’s health, happiness and the achievement of their goals. The Body and Belief Code energy healing techniques identify imbalances in the body that may be caused by destructive emotions generated by past events. These negative emotional energies can get trapped anywhere in the body and can even be inherited and passed down through many generations.

Body code healing

Body code healing


Trapped emotions cause energetic imbalances in tissues and organs that can also result in physical and emotional discomfort. By using The Body, Belief and Emotion Code tools, Betsy Lambert can locate tissue and bone imbalances caused by specific trapped emotions that can then be energetically removed from her clients’ bodies. This allows her clients’ energetic systems to flow naturally so that their affected tissues can heal themselves and return to a natural state of wellness.

What is The Body Code healing technique?

Emotional baggage can cause very real physical, mental and emotional pain that may not be recognized by the medical community. The Body Code technique uses a remote spirit-to-spirit connection to locate and remove energetic imbalances caused by trapped emotions that are preventing the body from healing itself.

What are the benefits of The Body Code healing technique?

The Body Code’s basic tool, The Emotion Code, identifies and releases trapped emotions and allows the body to heal so that physical and/or emotional pain often disappears or becomes much more manageable. Clients discover that this kind of natural healing is often far better than taking drugs or other substances that merely treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying energetic reasons for their diseases or discomfort.

In the words of one client: “Thank you, Betsy.  I forgot what it is like to not hurt all of the time – gotta say, it’s pretty lovely. You have made a huge quality of life difference for me. You changed my world. My words do not even begin to express my appreciation. Thank you for sharing your gift.”  –Lynn E.

What is The Belief Code and how does it relate to The Body and Emotion Codes?

The Belief Code builds on and interacts with The Body and Emotion Codes to locate and release faulty emotional relationships and beliefs that are trapped in our subconscious. These can be caused by negative programming, limiting beliefs and faulty core belief systems. All faulty belief systems contribute to and are often the root cause of mental or emotional imbalances and physical discomfort.

A belief system is like a tree.  The leaves and outer branches represent our negative programming and are the closest to our consciousness.  The major branches and trunk represent the beliefs that we accept before the age of 7 that support the programming that defines our lives.  The root system represents the core belief we have about ourselves and how we operate in the world around us. If this core belief is negative or faulty, it supports negative programming and faulty beliefs that are embedded deeply in our subconscious.

The Belief Code offers a way to identify and release these negative programs and faulty beliefs so that the physical and mental discomfort they are causing can be diminished or even released completely.