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Email: – | –  Phone: 512-757-1669 – | – Skype: betsy.lambert216
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Consultation Hours and Cost

Call Betsy at 512-757-1669 for a free consultation.
Consultation hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday (all US time zones) or as arranged.
Body Code / Emotion Code: $125 per single session, standard four sessions for $400 or ten sessions for $800 (best value). Most sessions last for 45-60 minutes. All sessions include an emailed report with complete session results.

Quantum-Touch: (One hour minimum) Hands-on:  $75 per hour or Remote: $100 per hour

To contact Betsy, fill out the form below or, better yet, call her directly. Session payment can be made using PayPal, Venmo or via mailed check.