Quantum-Touch is an effective healing technique for animals as well as people.
Quantum Touch – Vision

Quantum-Touch, based on Richard Gordon’s books, Quantum-Touch—The Power to Heal and Quantum-Touch 2.0, The New Human, is a powerful alternative energy healing modality. The technique works by focusing and amplifying everyone’s God-given life-force energy (“Chi” or “Prana”) by combining various breathing and body awareness techniques. Designed to awaken a client’s biological intelligence, Betsy holds a high vibrational field of life-force energy around an affected area so that her client’s own body can do whatever healing is necessary. It can be used on people, pets and plants, both in person or by long distance.

Even over the telephone, clients can feel their bones painlessly re-aligning themselves as her energy channels through her astral body directly to the client’s astral body. Betsy has used this healing method to achieve remarkable results, especially after energetically balancing her clients’ organs, glands and tissues using The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

Betsy offers these two complementary healing modalities because she feels that together they provide a powerful healing potential. The Body Code identifies imbalances that are causing symptoms and The Emotion Code is used to relieve the key emotional blockages responsible for these imbalances and resulting health problems that come about because of a compromised immune system. This balancing then allows the Quantum-Touch modality to restore depleted energy and raise her clients’ vibrational levels so that their bodies can heal themselves.