The Body and Emotion Codes Target

Tissue Imbalances That Cause Pain

The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Quantum-Touch work because we live in a universe entirely made up of energetic vibrations. Our bodies and everything around us are very real to us and visible to others. They appear to be “solid” but they are still made up of protons, electrons and neutrons vibrating at different frequencies.

Kirlian photography demonstrates that any living organism appears to be solid and yet is surrounded by an invisible layer, called an “aura,” that vibrates in a light spectrum that can’t be seen by most human eyes.  For any living organism, the next highest vibrational level above the aura is the Astral or Emotional Body, which is where our emotions vibrate. Our Astral Bodies connect us to all other living organisms in the universe, allowing our emotions to be shared unconsciously with all other organisms such as humans, animals and plants.

Over thousands of years, the Chinese discovered that our emotions are products of vibrations generated primarily by our organs and glands. If the negative emotional vibrations these organs and glands create cannot be released when they occur, they become trapped subconsciously and stashed in various parts of our bodies. This creates very real “emotional baggage” that can cause life-long physical and emotional pain, potential malfunction and disease. The Body Code techniques can bring these destructive emotional energies to consciousness so they can be permanently released. This re-balances the body’s tissues to their normal, healthy state.

The Astral ConnectionAs an alternative healer and emotional health coach, Betsy routinely works with clients whose discomfort doctors have told them has no physical basis that can be detected. She offers emotional baggage clearing and subsequent organ and tissue re-balancing to anyone who wishes to receive the healing energy and emotional release their bodies need to heal themselves. Betsy works exclusively by phone so she is not limited by her clients’ location or time zone.

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