The Body and Emotion Codes Target

Tissue Imbalances That Cause Discomfort

The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Quantum-Touch work because we live in a universe entirely made up of energetic vibrations. Our bodies and everything around us are very real to us and visible to others. They appear to be “solid” but they are still made up of protons, electrons and neutrons vibrating at different frequencies. Even emotions are made of energy and that is why they can be trapped anywhere in our bodies by our subconscious mind, creating “emotional baggage” that can dramatically impact on our health.

Our physical and emotional health is directly linked to our immune function. This means that a negative mindset and chronic undesirable emotional responses can make us sick—but if we “reorganize” our mind and optimize it for healing, we can improve our health!

Many people try biochemical detox, medications, dietary restrictions and gut-healing protocols only to find the effort, time and money invested does not result in fully healing. Why? Because they are missing a vital link. That link is emotional toxicity, which contributes to poor nervous system and biofield balance. Without removing their emotional baggage, they will always fall short, no matter what they do.

In order to rebalance your nervous system, it is critical to heal trauma (including current and generational lifetimes), uncover reasons for subconsciously holding onto to illness, and address limiting beliefs. It is also important to identify and deal with emotional triggers, build self-awareness and heal your inner child to improve your self-worth and emotional well-being.

The Body Code is one of the most powerful modalities that can do all those things easily and without having to re-live your traumas.  It can be done from your own living room by phone by contacting Betsy Lambert, an experienced practitioner who has been helping clients achieve permanent relief for over 10 years.

The Astral ConnectionAs an alternative healer and emotional health coach, Betsy uses distance healing to work with clients who have discomforts of all types, including ones that doctors claim have no physical basis that they can detect. She offers emotional baggage clearing and subsequent organ and tissue re-balancing to anyone who wishes to accept this healing energy to help their bodies heal themselves. She is also skilled in locating and removing limiting beliefs that interfere with her clients’ well-being and happiness. Her distance healing is performed by phone so she is not limited by her clients’ location or time zone.

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