…For Betsy’s Body and Belief Code Practice

This is a testimonial from a long-time 74-year-old client and friend who was so impressed with his improvement that he became Emotion Code certified himself.  His words speak for themselves.

“Betsy is truly both skilled and talented at finding and clearing beliefs and pains that are hidden and hinder us physically and emotionally. I am a professional counselor (LPC) by background, allowing me to recognize how good she is at quickly ferreting out things buried so deep that we have forgotten them.

“The sessions with her are quiet and restful, but her process finds the areas of concern and many of them have deep, deep roots, forged decades ago. However, ‘the body never forgets,’ as I learned as an Emotion Code and EMDR practitioner myself.

“In my case, I could feel the healing process proceed and the ‘regrouping’ that is necessary to release old hurts. One one of my last sessions, I had the sensation of openness or lightness, something I had not felt before. It proved to be a time to release old childish beliefs and make new adult decisions. If you are ready to permanently get rid of old pains and hurtful beliefs, I recommend placing yourself in Betsy’s compassionate care.”  Raymond K., LPC

This is also from a long-time client in her 60s.

“These sessions are life changing. They have helped me learn so much more about myself that I subconsciously and consciously held. Betsy helped me uncover some of my limiting beliefs about myself that were rooted in childhood. She also uncovered faulty beliefs that I have been holding all my life.  She helped me release them and replace them with empowering beliefs. I feel more empowered and myself again. She was able to help me release the beliefs while she dug deeper into the related emotion and body beliefs and helped release them, too.

“She is very compassionate and caring and patient when working with me. Over my years of working with her, she has helped me pinpoint what needs to be worked on, leaving me to feel freer to be the real me. She is willing to dig deep and, with her new Belief Code tool, she can do an amazing job uncovering whatever needs to be healed. Very powerful!!  Much love and gratitude!” M. B.

This is an Emotion Code testimonial from 85-year-old Paul B., who was recovering from a hip replacement and has Type II diabetes as well as a significant hearing impairment.

Testimonials“Wow!!! Today I walked all over the place in a trip to San Marcos with my wife to run errands. I felt like running. I climbed stairs for the first time since the accident. I heard every word spoken at the office in San Marcos and every word spoken by my wife since our phone call session. My TV sound level no longer sends whoever is with me to Cincinnati, Ohio. AND my blood sugar level had dropped 17 points since this morning even though I’ve been eating my normal food. What else can I say except here is a check for my session and my wife’s upcoming sessions with you. Truly, money is not the answer to how we feel about our contact with you. But it’s at least a start. More coming.  Much love, Paul B.

 Here is how The Emotion Code transformed the life of another client, Pat H. :

“I don’t even know where to begin with how much The Emotion Code helped me.  I have tried many different things but none of them were able to touch what was blocking me for having the life I wanted.  The Emotion Code was a miracle for me.  I was able to understand things about myself that I have never seen.Testimonials I was the original enabler — no, I take that back.  I came from a long line of enablers. I was always  putting other people’s needs  in front of my needs.  When I was able to release this pattern of negative emotion, my life totally changed.  I feel so free and joyful!  I have noticed how people relate to me differently now . . it seems with more respect.  I am sure it is because I respect myself more.
     “My husband is also working with Betsy and he has noticed big changes from his hip not hurting for the first time in 6 years to not being so fearful of not having enough money to support us. I think so many people live with pain whether it is emotional or physical that keeps them from living to their potential.  With The Emotion Code work they can find joy and peace in their lives. Thanks so much Betsy for being the facilitator on our journey!  Pat H.”

Linda R. asked Betsy to work with her brother, Harry, who had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After only three Body Code sessions he began his chemotherapy. Five months later she received this note from Linda:

“Betsy–Thank you for your healing energy for Harry. The latest report is that the tumor is gone and his blood work is normal. We still have some other issues to deal with, however, this is a major hurdle.
“I firmly believe that the work you did with my brother was at least partially responsible. You gave him positive affirmations to believe and I will be forever grateful and thankful.
Thank you, Betsy!    Linda R.”

Victoria S. has this to say:

Testimonials“Betsy’s Body Code work helped me climb out of a very dark, painful place and I would recommend her to anyone who is in any kind of pain and does not know where to get help.  I believe this kind of therapy works like magic and should be compulsory, just like schooling and flu shots.  The beauty of her work is that she can get through to and help people even if they don’t believe it will work for them and make them into believers.  I hope to be able to send other family and friends to her so they can experience her love-based approach for themselves.’”

This is from a long-time client, Manon L.:

“I appreciate all you have done for me. As a gifted and intuitive healer, you have helped me using The Body Code to release some of the emotions that were stuck in my body, speeding my recovery. You are also a  kind and generous friend.  Love and light, Manon L.”

Janice S. felt transformed after her Body Code sessions:

“Thank you so much for changing my life from stressful and unhealthy to vibrant and energetic. This miracle occurred as a result of working with you on the phone. Long-standing chronic Testimonialsback pain, headaches and difficulty concentrating was alleviated within the first week of treatment. Words alone will not be enough to say thank you. I feel so much better on all levels of energy and wholeness. Life is good again!

“My sincere gratitude to you and your implementation of The Body Code.  Janice S.

Martha C. gained relief from pain through The Body Code:

“After suffering from pain for 8 months, I felt so much relief after Betsy’s Body Code sessions with me!  I have finally been able to sleep.  Thank you, Betsy, for your help.    Martha C.”

Using Quantum Touch with Emotion Code and Reiki

Client Improves Hearing Ability After EC Sessions

…For Betsy’s Quantum-Touch Practice

“This past summer (2009) I took a bad fall from my horse. I had a cracked pelvis, broken collarbone, and 4 broken ribs. I was in the hospital for almost four weeks, but I would have been there longer if it had not been for Quantum-Touch therapy. Q-T Practitioner Betsy Lambert came to see me twice and worked on my shoulder and pelvis. Testimonials

“After the first treatment, the vocational therapist came in and said, ‘Your shoulder is probably frozen.’ I replied, ‘This one?’ as I raised my arm on the injured side and moved it all around. The therapist was amazed.

Next I told my physical therapist that I wanted to be able to take a flight of 15 stairs so I could get into my seaside house, which is on stilts. After Betsy’s second treatment on my pelvis, I walked up and down the 15 steps unassisted on the first try. Thank you, Quantum-Touch and Betsy. Molly B.