This is where we answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. For other questions, contact Betsy directly.

What can Betsy do for you?

Betsy is a medical intuitive who uses long distance energy-based techniques to locate and correct imbalances in the body that are causing physical or emotional discomfort.

Why does she need a series of sessions to correct these imbalances?

Betsy does an initial evaluation of a client’s energy body to locate blockages and energetic imbalances. She also determines how well a client’s immune system is functioning. This evaluation becomes a baseline snapshot of a client’s energetic health that she uses to guide future sessions. The next three initial sessions seek to correct the imbalances by removing energy blockages caused by trapped emotions.  She then re-evaluates her clients’ progress periodically to check their progress using elements of the initial evaluation form. All subsequent consultations continue to locate and correct imbalances so that her clients’ bodies can heal themselves.

How does The Emotion Code differ from The Body Code?

The Emotion Code is a powerful tool for Betsy to use after The Body Code locates imbalances that are primarily caused by trapped emotions. She can use The Emotion Code by itself but it is much more powerful when The Body Code locates specific organs, glands and tissues that need energetic balancing.

How does The Body Code work?

The Body Code technique relies on a computer-based Mind Map that Betsy uses to locate imbalances within a client’s energetic body. Her technique is to connect with a client’s spirit directly using the Emotional or Astral Body as her communication medium. A pendulum serves as her muscle-testing vehicle.

Once she locates a part of her client’s body that is imbalanced, often using an anatomy book, she uses The Emotion Code to locate the trapped emotions causing each separate imbalance and pulls the emotions out energetically one-by-one or in groups using a magnet drawn over her Governing Meridian.

How does the Belief Code work?

The Belief Code builds on and interacts with the Body and Emotion Codes to locate and release faulty emotional relationships and beliefs that have been trapped in our subconscious since before the age of 7. These can be caused by negative programming, limiting beliefs and faulty core belief systems. All faulty belief systems contribute to and are often the root cause of mental or emotional imbalances and physical discomfort.  The Belief Code can locate and release them permanently as well as replace them with positive affirmations.

Why does Betsy work exclusively by telephone?

Energy has no time or space boundaries, so physical proximity to her clients in not necessary. She connects spiritually with her clients and intuitively with the Source to determine what needs to be released for her client’s highest good. This connection can be made from across a room or by phone from across the continent. Her clients come from all parts of the US.

Does Betsy heal her clients?

Betsy uses loving energy to help her clients’ bodies heal themselves by locating imbalances and removing energy blockages that cause discomfort and prevent her clients’ immune systems from working effectively.