The Body and Emotion CodeThe Body and emotion code

The Body code and emotion code which incorporates, It is an alternative energy healing techniques that allows us to identify and release trapped negative and destructive emotions from past events. Trapped emotions can cause physical pain, depression and anxiety. They can block people—as well as animals—from love, happiness and optimum health by creating imbalances that cannot be detected by medical personnel or their instruments.

Because trapped emotions are made of energy just like the rest of the body and the physical universe, they exert a disrupting influence on the body’s tissues and can cause acute pain, imbalance and even disease. Releasing trapped emotions and re-balancing tissues make conditions right for the body to heal, allowing physical and emotional difficulties to disappear or become much more manageable. It’s like peeling an onion, and generally requires releasing multiple layers to locate the root causes of physical or emotional problems.

The body and emotion code

The body and emotion code

Virtually everyone has trapped emotions or “emotional baggage” from painful life events. This emotional baggage is very real, although invisible, and it can seriously interfere with happiness and health. These emotions get locked into your body’s subconscious and have no way to get out.

Trapped emotions are literally balls of pure energy, vibrating at different frequencies depending on the intensity of the emotion. They are typically negative, destructive vibrations that tend to affect the body wherever they are stuck, creating pain and malfunction of body organs and occasionally serious diseases. Strong emotions trapped alongside the vibrations of other emotions can collectively imbalance their part of the body and contribute to system imbalance and disease. They can also cause depression, anxiety and emotional problems.

Since only one emotion at a time can be released, Betsy uses charts developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and explained in his book, The Emotion Code, to identify each individual emotion before drawing it out and releasing it by using remote muscle testing and a simple magnet. Her clients only need to identify their physical or emotional pains so she can take care of releasing the negative emotions related to their complaints. To make this process easier, Betsy does this work entirely by telephone.

The body and emotion code

The Body and Emotion Code

NEW! Betsy is now offering stand-alone, life-changing sessions to locate and remove hidden emotional blocks to achieving wealth and abundance or blocks to achieving your goals.

The Healers Library – What is the Emotion Code?
The Body Code and Quantum-Touch alternative healing modalities stimulate the body’s own natural healing capability, with everyone’s body being responsible for its own healing. Betsy’s job is to facilitate her clients’ healing process by giving them loving energy that their bodies can use to heal themselves. Outcomes are neither guaranteed nor necessarily permanent.