Everyone Is A Healer

Everyone is a healer because all living things are programmed by their own, unique Life-force Energy to heal themselves when they are injured in some way. Any doctor or traditional “healer” can only assist in another’s healing process by using externally applied or ingested substances such as drugs, homeopathic herbs or energy. But they cannot take the responsibility or credit for another person’s healing.
Think about the last time you scraped your skin and took some skin off. Any surface of your body that comes into direct contact with any part of your outside environment, both internally and externally is designed to serve as a defense against outside invasion of any kind. If cellular injury occurs or an invader does get through, your body responds almost immediately by triggering an inflammatory response that will always be the same no matter what the cause.
The acute inflammatory response focuses on isolating and removing the attacking agent as soon as possible and then repairing the damage. This effort, occurring at the cellular level, begins within seconds and also signals the immune system to begin the cellular healing process to get the cells back to their normal functioning levels in about 7-10 days.
Only at this point can an external source influence an individual’s healing process through the use of drugs, herbs, energy or any other techniques needed to support the natural cellular healing process.
In today’s world, alternative therapies are becoming recognized more and more as people are awakening to the effects artificial chemicals can have on their bodies. Naturopathic and homeopathic medicine are starting to gain mainstream medical attention simply because they often work in instances where allopathic medicine fails. Energy healing modalities, in all of their many forms and applications such as acupuncture, Qi Gung, Reiki, Quantum-Touch®, and The Emotion and Body Codes are also becoming more accepted since these modalities work at the most basic energetic level to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.
This is the healing philosophy on which I base my teaching and healing practice. I have a profound reverence for the body’s ability to heal itself as well as for everyone’s innate ability to transfer energy to other people to facilitate the recipients’ healing process.
Quantum-Touch is a healing technique that is based upon a simple series of breathing and body awareness exercises that help the practitioner focus and amplify Life-force Energy. It can be used on people, pets and plants.
Emotional baggage can cause very real physical and emotional discomfort. The Body Code locates energetic imbalances causing this discomfort and then uses the Emotion Code to release trapped emotions causing the imbalances. Energetically correcting them allows discomfort to be managed without the use of drugs. Body Code healer Betsy Lambert uses a remote spirit-to-spirit connection to locate and correct energetic imbalances. Go to http://theastralconnection.com/ to set up your free consultation.

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