How Do The Emotion Code and Body Code Differ?

The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and explained in his book, The Emotion Code, is the fundamental building block for the practice of locating and removing trapped emotions that are causing someone’s mental, physical or even spiritual pain.
The Emotion Code consists of a two-column chart with six rows and containing 60 of the most commonly-trapped emotions. Each row displays the emotions that are created energetically by paired organs and glands throughout the body.
A practitioner uses some form of remote or in-person muscle testing to identify individual emotions that can be trapped in every part of our bodies, including our auras. Some use dousing fobs and others use their fingers or the sway test, but the principle is the same: all practitioners have learned how to access their clients’ spirits to ask what is causing their clients’ distress and pain. It is virtually always painless for the client and permanent in its results.
The technique works by identifying the outer “shell” emotions that are trapping many other emotions under their energy “shells.” Once this outer layer has been removed, successive layers of emotions can be identified and removed one layer at a time. It can be a quick process for some people but more often they find that one layer of trapped emotions were masking the next layer’s trapped emotions with their own physical and mental symptoms. This process can continue as long as the client is willing to continue.
Once the trapped emotions are removed energetically by running a magnet over the client’s or practitioner’s Governing Meridian (from the top of the head to the back of the skull), they are gone for good unless new emotions are trapped in their place. This magnetic removal process can be done remotely by phone or Skype as well as in person. It is equally effective either way. Many practitioners work exclusively by phone for this reason.
The Body Code, also developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a much more comprehensive approach to healing since it incorporates the use of the Emotion Code but is much more extensive. The Body Code is the top-level technique that Body Code Practitioners use to identify specific parts of the body that are imbalanced. It consists of a computer Mind Map with an entry page that has six categories: Energies, Circuits & Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments and Nutrition & Lifestyle. Each category opens up into successive, related categories, and each category opens up into even more successive, related categories. It is possible, by using medical anatomy books, to descend to minute tissues in all parts of the body and locate trapped emotions that are causing imbalances in some of the most unlikely places.
Once a part or tissue of the body has been identified as being imbalanced or misaligned, the next step is generally to employ the Emotion Code to identify the underlying emotions that are causing the imbalances. When the emotions have been energetically removed, the organs, glands, bones or body tissues that were harboring them become balanced or “happy” again and the body can proceed to call on its innate healing ability. The client’s symptoms are nearly always relieved naturally and without drugs or side effects if the client can continue the number of sessions needed to get to the root of the imbalances.
The Body and Emotion Codes, when used by a Certified Practitioner, are proven techniques to remove energy blockages caused by trapped emotions. They have enhanced the quality of life for many thousands of people.

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