The Emotion Code can Identify Trapped Emotions

Emotional baggage is very real and may be identified by the medical community as
something that is “in your head.” They may offer drugs to treat the symptoms, or an array
of tests to diagnose possible causes, but their ability to locate and correct the root
energetic problem is limited.

Because emotions are energies that are carried subconsciously, trapped emotions can
seriously interfere with a persons health, happiness and even the achievement of their
goals. Emotional baggage rarely responds permanently to drug treatments since it needs
to be corrected energetically before it can be treated clinically.

The Emotion Code can identify trapped emotions and remove them energetically to help
someone regain their emotional and physical health. Contact Emotion Code Practitioner
Betsy Lambert for a FREE consultation to see if the Body Code and Emotion Code might
be able to help in your situation.

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